BREED: Schnauzer/Poodle Mix
WEIGHT: 20lbs


Ace is a cute dog. His paperwork says he's a Yorkie/Poodle Mix but we definitely see Schnauzer in that wiry hair and square face. He's a great size; small enough to be carried but not small enough to be stepped on. His tail is a little nub and his ears are nothing but goofy.

Ace is a sweet dog. He gets along great with other dogs and cats and has no issues with aggression or resource guarding. He loves curling up in a bed or a pile of blankets and he doesn't even snore. He rides well in the car and is a very quiet fellow. Ace believes that mealtime should be all the time and gets super excited when it's time for food. He's not a picky eater and enjoys both dry and canned foods.

Ace is an old dog. He takes medications for his joints but does have some weakening of his back end. He is full of lumps and bumps, doesn't see or hear well, and gets confused easily. Offering Ace a treat is a dangerous task, as he sometimes mistakes your fingers for the treat and chomps hard. He likes to go outside and is happy to potty out there, but he also has plenty of accidents in the house and is not consistent with a pee pad. Wandering around throughout the day and into the night sometimes leads Ace through his accidents and makes a bigger mess, but he doesn't notice so he's not sorry. Offering Ace a pat on the head confuses him and makes him nervous, but he likes body scratches once he figures out what's going on. 

Ace is not a dog for everyone. He can not live with small children or with someone who will not have patience for his quirks and age-related issues. But he is a good boy and we are committed to finding him a real home! Ace is neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm negative, and had a dental cleaning 12/8. His bloodwork was normal.









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