NAME: Bear
BREED: Long-Haired Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix
WEIGHT: 7lbs


This tiny little Bear was sent to the shelter when his mom died. He had lived with her for 11 years and his whole life was turned upside down when he lost her. He and his brother Logan were very well cared for- they came with a long veterinary history including neuters, vaccines, and heartworm prevention. But they were also dirty and smelly and completely terrified; the shelter staff couldn't handle them, no other rescues would take a chance on them, and they had little hope of making it out alive. At GOT we're pretty good at squeezing in little dogs, so these fluffy fellows hitched a ride from Virginia for their second chance.
In foster care, Bear has been doing his best to live up to his name! He made sure the other dogs knew that he wasn't going to be pushed around despite his small stature, and since this seasoned pack doesn't care who's in charge, he settled in quickly. Feeding time is the only time his claws come out! Bear is totally fine with cats and is friendly with new people, although he's a little nervous about being picked up. He loves to snuggle, take naps on top of his foster mom, and give kisses. He eats well, prances beautifully, and is consistently adorable. All he's missing is a real family, and a promise that he will never see the inside of a shelter again!
Although Bear has been with his brother Logan forever, they are not particularly great friends and do not have to be adopted together. Bear's age and size will not make him a good fit for a home with small children or young dogs.









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