NAME: Betty
BREED: Basset Hound
WEIGHT: 55lbs


Poor sweet Betty. This old girl has been through so much, and now that she's finally found a safe place to land it seems she is nearing the end of her days. Betty would be fine to stay here, she would be fine anywhere really because she's just such a good girl: but we believe that this short stack will be happier in a home of her own, with more attention and less dogs stepping on her as she tries to just sleep all day. We know she will need a very special adopter to monitor her health, give her her medications, and scratch her back even though she's a little smelly sometimes, but GOT has the best adopters so we're hopeful that we'll find the right family to love her for as long as she has left.

Betty is in the early stages of kidney and liver failure and takes medications (Denamarin and fish oil) to help maintain a healthy appetite and keep her functioning as well as she possibly can. She has some arthritis in her back legs and cannot use the stairs. Betty also has heartworms, and is going through the "slow kill" treatment (GOT will provide medications for this process). 

That's the bad news, but the list of Betty's good qualities is even longer. This old girl is sweet, calm, gentle, and super laid-back. She lives happily with dogs and cats of all sizes and temperaments, and is fine with kids and new people. She is house trained (just needs reasonable breaks), rides well in the car, and is relatively quiet. Just some barking when her foster mom takes too long to make breakfast. Betty moves slowly but likes to spend time outside when the weather is nice. On rainy or chilly days she is just as happy in a bed on the floor, just happy to have a soft space to lay her old bones. Aside from her need for medications, Betty is pretty much the easiest dog you could expect to meet in the GOT house, and we would happily take ten just like her. Be a hero without putting forth much energy, and apply to adopt Betty today! You know you need some floppy ears in your life.









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