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NAME: Birdie
BREED: Boxer/Beagle Mix
WEIGHT: 45lbs


They're all good dogs, and they all deserve a home. But sometimes a dog is just so ridiculously laid-back, well behaved, friendly, calm, and EASY that it just doesn't make sense that they wouldn't make it out of the shelter. Not one person asked to visit with Birdie while she waited at the crowded NC shelter. Not one rescue asked for more information on her when the shelter volunteers sent plea after plea asking for help saving her. No one was coming for Birdie, and after meeting her we really don't understand why.
Birdie got off of her 8 hour transport, walked into a pack of dogs at 1am, and said "Ok, I live here now." She didn't growl or show her teeth, or even raise her ruff. She got a drink, found a bed she liked, and had a good sleep next to a cat. The next morning, she ate breakfast with the little dogs (that's where the slow eaters go) and hung out home "alone" while her foster mom went to an adoption event. No crate, no accidents, no barking, no fighting. There's not much more you can ask for in a dog. 
Birdie is just so easy, she could stay in her foster home forever and it wouldn't stop us from adding more dogs. She's so easy that she's really not taking up a spot. But this girl is too easy and too sweet not to have a real life with a family of her own. For anyone looking for an all-around good dog, you've found her. The hardest part will be waiting to bring her home!