NAME: Bruce
BREED: Beagle/Basset Hound Mix
WEIGHT: 40lbs


He's soft. He's squishy. He's an absolute goofball. He's Bruce, and he's fantastic! 
Bruce doesn't look like he's lived a hard life. He doesn't look like he's missed a meal or spent a night outside. But he was kicked out of his house for "whining", and spent 5 days living next to the trashcans before he was rescued. We've been saving animals for a long time, but we're still amazed by how people find ways to mistreat them. You really couldn't ask for a sweeter dog, but apparently Bruce isn't perfect so now he's going to have to find a new family- and THIS one won't throw him away like his last one! 
He's still new to our rescue, but so far it seems like Bruce would like to be an only pet, or at least be able to have his space in his new home. (He's not a problem here even though there are many other animals around, but he really seem to prefer being left alone). Bruce loves attention and gets the zoomies when it's time to eat. He definitely needs to shed some pounds, so he'll need to adhere to a strict diet and exercise program. It will be very exciting to see what he'll look like an appropriate weight! He is house trained, quiet, does fine in the car, and walks nicely on leash when he is forced to do so. No surprise, he also sleeps well and won't wake you up early! 
If you're ready for an easy project, Bruce is your man! He is sweet and gentle but also lazy and unmotivated. Think you can get this adorable fellow into shape?









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