NAME: Candy
BREED: Lab Mix
WEIGHT: 45lbs


Meet Candy, a good and sweet dog. Dumped by her owner like so many others. Candy was left in the overnight cat dropoff at a shelter in NC. A note was with her: "Hi this is "Candy". Shes' a very lovable dog, I've had her for 11 years, I just recently got my hours cut at work so I'm not able to care for her because she has a large lump on the side of her belly. Please take care of her." The 'lump' is just a fatty tumor and none of the vets in NC or PA were concerned about it... but it almost cost Candy her life. The shelter was full, it's always full. Candy is a senior, she's black, and she's heartworm positive. Leaving her at the shelter was pretty much a death sentence, and we were the only rescue who even asked about helping her. Her family will never know if she lived or died- maybe it doesn't matter to them. But Candy matters to us, and we promised her she would never be abandoned again.
Candy is a very easy dog, even in the big pack. She hangs out in an open crate (which is great because she needs to be calm and quiet during her heartworm treatment). When she needs to go out, she barks and waits to be put on-leash to go outside. She is friendly with the dogs and cats and loves meeting new people. Always gentle and polite, she takes her medications and waits for head and back scratches. It seems like she's just happy to be out of the shelter and accept whatever life hands her. 
We would love to get Candy into her forever home now; if she can find a family close to us, she can go to our vet for heartworm treatment at our expense. She is such a wonderful dog and will fit into virtually any family- don't miss out on this very good girl!









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