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NAME: Carl
BREED: Hound
WEIGHT: 35lbs


Carl is a friendly and energetic young fellow who loves adventures and meeting new people. And yes, he's very handsome as well! But we didn't bring Carl into our rescue for his good looks- one of our shelter friends reached out when he came to them very sick and very sad. They didn't feel that he had much time left, and wanted him to have a home and a warm bed when he passed. What a surprise we had when "old" Carl pranced through the door, feeling just fine thank you very much! We had his blood work, urine, and stool checked, and his only issues were a UTI and some intestinal parasites. Dewormer and antibiotics fixed him right up, and now Carl is ready to live out his MANY remaining days in a real home!
In foster care, Carl is learning how to be an inside dog- he will need continued patience and training but he listens well and likes to make his foster mom happy by being a good boy. He takes treats gently even though he is always very excited for food. He is also VERY tolerant of the small dogs in his foster home, who do not like his energy and bully him when he tries to play. We think Carl would love a friend to wrestle with, so if you have a friendly pup (canine or human) and some extra love to spare, please consider giving him the second chance he deserves!