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Cindy Lou

NAME: Cindy Lou
BREED: Chihuahua
WEIGHT: 8lbs


Cindy Lou was surrendered by her family to a crowded New York shelter. She came in with her cat sister Coraline for unspecified reasons. Although they're both good girls, their time was up almost immediately due to their age; they're really not old girls, but in a shelter with no space they were at the top of the list. A rescue friend brought them both to us and now they will be safe forever.
The information that Cindy Lou's family provided doesn't seem accurate to us. They described a shy and fearful dog who was nervous to be touched or picked up. We see a clingy little shadow who NEEDS to be snuggled in arms or on a lap. Cindy Lou sleeps with her foster mom every night and loves to binge watch Netflix. We knew she'd be fine with cats but she surprised us by sharing her space with many foster dogs right away. She is our smallest girl but she is brave and happy to be in a home once again. 
Shame on her old family for not house training her- Cindy Lou will need frequent breaks outside and/or a family who doesn't mind cleaning up her tiny messes. Shame on her old family for not keeping her on flea prevention- Cindy Lou will need help to recover from a skin infection due to a bad flea infestation. And shame on her old family for throwing her away- Cindy Lou will need a family who will love her forever, and keep their promise that she will never be alone or afraid again. Little Cindy Lou Who is much more than two, and deserves a better life than those Grinches gave her. Please consider showing her just how good people can be!