NAME: Darla
BREED: Beagle
WEIGHT: 20lbs


Darla looks a little rough, but she really can't help it- she's had a rough life. She was a hunting dog in North Carolina but she got older and slower and wasn't useful anymore, so she got tossed outside for good. A nice lady found Darla and her friend sleeping out with the trash, and asked the owners if she could take them both. A week later they were on a private plane headed to PA, and their best lives began.
Beagles are notoriously loud. They are often hard to house train. They are stubborn and independent and don't feel much need to listen. Darla looks like a typical beagle, but she is actually a very well-mannered and well-behaved southern gal who has moved past her busy and energetic lifestyle. She is hard of hearing but she does her best to follow the rules when she manages to hear them. She is quiet, gentle, and likes to potty in the grass, not on the floor. She is fantastic with dogs and (although she can be a little bothersome) she likes cats as well. Everyone she meets is a potential friend, and even though she'd like to snuggle them all, Darla is also happy to do her own thing in the yard or on a comfy bed. 
Darla is an easygoing girl who will fit into pretty much any home. She just needs a family who can look past her broken exterior and see her wonderful personality. Please help her get the second chance she deserves!









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