NAME: Dosa
***Please note: Dosa is listed as a courtesy to an individual looking to rehome her. She is not a GOT cat. Please use the contact info provided if you are interested in adopting***


From Dosa's current family:
We are looking to rehome/surrender a cat. Our mother passed away last week and we are unable to take her cat and have been unable to find a new home for her through friends/family. The cat is an 18 year old Russian Blue who is very friendly. While she is initially shy with strangers, she warms up quickly and is open to pets and scratches behind her ear. She was initially adopted in Seattle in 2012 when she was 10 years old and has been with the family since. Other than mild eczema a few years ago (resolved now), she has no health problems. She has lived in a house with a dog previously but she was generally apathetic to the dog - but because of her age we wouldn’t recommend her in a home with other pets now. She is okay with children. She has never bitten or been aggressive. She is a very friendly and cuddly cat. Please contact