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NAME: Hoagie
BREED: Chihuahua Mix
WEIGHT: 15lbs

Little Hoagie came to us from a crowded Baltimore shelter. She was surrendered with her friend Eva, and both girls were in pretty bad shape. Hoagie had multiple mammary masses and a large mass on her side. Although finances were tight as always, we knew we had to help these girls since no other rescues could commit to them.

Hoagie had her masses removed: the one on her side was just a fatty tumor but it weighed half a pound! We had her largest mammary mass biopsied and it was found to be a non-aggressive cancer: thankfully it was completely removed with clean margins. Hoagie was also spayed so we are hopeful her mammary masses will not return. Although she had a tough recovery from this major surgery, Hoagie is now fully healed and ready to find a family of her own!

Despite being surrendered together and being labeled "bonded" by the shelter, Eva and Hoagie do not appear to be particularly attached so they do not need to be adopted together. However, they do seem to tolerate each other's company more so than the other dogs! Both live safely with other dogs as well as cats, but they can be a bit territorial over beds and laps: nothing major, just something to keep in mind if you have a sensitive pet at home. Hoagie loves meeting new people and is almost unanimously voted favorite by our visitors. She has met children as young as 5 and seems happy to be friends with them, but of course a home without very small children will be ideal for this small senior gal. Hoagie is mostly house trained but will also use a pad or towel if one is available. She loves to "talk" and will happily share any snack you offer her! Please consider adding this sweetheart to your family.

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