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NAME: Homer
BREED: You tell me
WEIGHT: 60lbs (needs to gain)


If Homer were a man, he'd be your boyfriend or your bro. He'd be the most popular guy at the party, the too-cool too-funny jock from the movies that you just don't remember running into in high school. He'd drive an old pickup truck and give everyone a ride when they needed it. You'd ask him to help you move, and he'd show up late but with pizza and beers and do more work than anyone else. 
As it is, Homer is a dog. He can't drive and he can't drink beer, but he can and will be your ride-or-die bro for life. He's not suave or particularly well-coordinated, but he's a good ol' boy who will have your back when you need him. Not in a fight, he's a bit of a coward actually, but if you have a bad day and need a cuddle or a sloppy kiss or just a laugh, he's got you. If you have a great day and want to have an adventure, he's ready to go. If you have a normal day where nothing exciting happens, he's fine with that too- as long as he can be with you and be loved by you (and hopefully be given treats by you), Homer will be the happiest and best boy you could ask for. To meet him is to love him, so you better come meet him soon because he's not going to be around long: he's just too cool.
Homer is great with dogs of all sizes, loves cats and tries to keep them clean, and loves meeting new people. He is house trained but doesn't like a crate, so he'll need a couch or a people bed instead. He's a good jumper so he can make it onto even a high bed or the back of an SUV with no trouble, and he's good on the stairs. We're guessing he's some sort of hound dog, so if you have an apartment you are probably looking at the wrong bro, but really he only barks when he wants to be let in or when he feels too lonely. He's a needy boy so the loneliness is real, but theoretically his barking will scare away burglars (only because he'll want to be bros with them too). In general Homer is well mannered, gentle, and calm. His appropriate weigh is probably around 70lbs, so stock up on food, apply today, and bring home your new best friend for the holidays.