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NAME: Lady
BREED: Fox Terrier
WEIGHT: 23lbs (needs to lose some!)


Lady was purchased from a kennel and was a happy, fancy little dog for 6 years. Her dad loved her and spoiled her (with a few too many treats) and took her to the vet for everything she needed... except to be spayed. In 2011, Lady developed pyometra, a life-threatening infection in the uterus. After having emergency surgery, Lady recovered well and, since she was finally spayed, wasn't in danger of developing this condition again. But that was the last time she saw a vet before coming to our rescue 8 years later.
When Lady came to us, she was in a great deal of pain and discomfort from advanced arthritis. Her extra pounds served to exacerbate this condition and she struggled to just walk through the house. We immediately started her on joint supplements and pain medications, and took her to the vet for blood work, urinalysis, and vaccines. Lady is finally on the right path to being a happy girl once again, but the thing she is really missing is a family of her own. She is doing her best to be comfortable in foster care, but the commotion of all the dogs is stressful for her and she would be much happier in a normal home with a smaller pack. Lady is fine with cats, is house trained, and enjoys pats and scratches. Please consider giving her a fluffy bed where she can spend her last years being loved and spoiled once again.