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NAME: Lily
BREED: Welsh Terrier Mix
WEIGHT: 15lbs


Sometimes the best thing for an animal is for them to find their way to the shelter. Lily was lucky to make it out, but was very unlucky before getting there and getting the medical attention and grooming she badly needed. She's a sweet girl so we're sure she knew love with her previous owner, but love isn't enough to keep a dog happy and healthy. A dog with a long coat needs regular grooming- Lily was a disgusting, matted mess. The mats were so tight to her skin that they were pulling and causing constant pain. She is still nervous about being picked up, as she is sensitive in many areas. There was no vet history for Lily and she was not previously spayed, putting her at risk for infection and mammary tumors. She was also very stiff and walked painfully. We never want to see dogs in the shelter, but you can see that sometimes it's the only way for them to get the care they need.
Lily is safe with us now. We hope that she will find her forever home but of course we realize that her neglect until this point may have made her too much of a project for an adopter. A serious heart murmur makes it unsafe for her to be spayed or have her teeth cleaned. She is a sweet and gentle girl who loves attention, but she will always need slow handling and a calm household. She is doing great with pad- and house-training, but will most likely continue to have occasional accidents. But her lovely face, lovely temperament, and compatibility with both dogs and cats just might catch someone's eye, and help them overlook her manageable flaws. Would you consider giving sweet Lily a real home for her golden years?