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NAME: Marlin
BIRTHDAY: May 2019


Marlin and his family (brothers, sisters, cousins??? Who knows!) were living in an overgrown yard in the middle of town. The many kittens on the property were very sick: eye infections, URIs, and more fleas than could be counted. They spent their days hunched up and squinting, hungry and itchy. One by one we caught the colony, nearly 20 cats and kittens- the adults, who were thankfully healthy, were taken for TNR (and flea treatment!) and the kittens came to us to get medicine and love. No, we're not a kitten rescue! But no one else was able to help, and we couldn't ignore those little faces.
In foster care, Marlin and the other kittens are learning about kind people, bellies full of food instead of worms, and they're finally starting to PLAY! These babies had never had toys before and didn't feel well enough to climb, wrestle, and pounce. Now they are making up for lost time, and getting healthier and friendlier every day. 
Marlin is one of the kittens who came to us in very bad shape. Although they were all sick and full of parasites, Marlin had a terrible eye infection that he is still fighting. The neglect that he suffered may leave him with permanent damage to at least one of his eyes, but nothing gets this little guy down! Marlin warmed up quickly and continues to make new friends, including kids. He will need a little extra love and attention, but he's certainly worth it!
If you can't adopt, please consider donating to help cover the costs of vetting and supplies for this family!