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NAME: Minga
BREED: Maltese
WEIGHT: 12lbs


Should we label Minga a "project", or an "easy dog"? She's quite a bit of both. Medically, she's a mess and needs a lot of work- we'll have her spayed, and have her mammary tumors removed and biopsied. We'll have her teeth cleaned and she'll probably leave several of them at the vet clinic. She's got a leg that's beyond repair, but thankfully doesn't seem to bother her: she'll just walk funny for the rest of her life, thanks to a torn tendon that healed on its own. But in terms of her personality... wow what a great little dog! 
Minga was understandably frightened when she was at the shelter and when she got here. But she never snapped or growled, not for her first haircut (which removed filthy, painful mats and allowed her to walk more comfortably), or for her second one which included a bath. She needed medications and took them with no trouble, and allowed herself to be moved around and carried as needed. After a while, she started hopping around the house to explore; she discovered the cats and LOVES the cats, and is a little sad that they won't hang out with her. Then a new little white dog came and wanted to be her friend, and she loved that too! Slowly she is becoming a real dog, but she's been an easy foster from the start. Minga is calm, quiet, and house trained. She rides well in the car and does well meeting new people. She eats canned food and takes treats gently. Just a sweet little girl who was dealt a crappy hand in life, but who is ready to bounce back and show her true colors!
Minga will be ready for adoption after her surgery. Her new home will need a fenced yard and at least one friendly cat or small dog to help her come out of her shell.