NAME: Missy
BREED: Beagle
WEIGHT: 25lbs


At GOT we are always full. When one foster gets adopted, we've got one lined up to fill their spot. But even "full" doesn't stop us from taking in a good beagle or two... and aren't they all good beagles? Missy got all the fabulous qualities of her breed- she is sweet and gentle, very tolerant of handling and very friendly with new people. She is great with other animals and is equally happy having an adventure or snuggling on the couch. 
Although Missy does her best to be perfect, she does have a few flaws. She is a notorious bed hog and a noisy snorer. She gets too excited for food and steps on the other dogs. And true to beagle form, she is in need of some help with house training. But really you couldn't ask for a happier dog- Missy is always in a good mood and can always be relied upon to put other people in a good mood too. Her tail never stops wagging!
Missy's last family did not take great care of her, and she is going through heartworm treatments. We would love to find someone close enough to our vet in Hanover to take her home now and continue the treatment there (at our expense). A great fit for dogs, cats, and kids- Missy will have no trouble adjusting in her new home! Don't miss out on this sweet little angel.









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