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NAME: Quinn
BREED: Pit Bull Mix
WEIGHT: 55lbs


Apparently the folks down in Texas don't know a good dog when they see one! Quinn had been in the shelter system there for months with no interest before making the trip to GOT. We have a lot of good dogs up this way, but it's tough to find one who's good with dogs, good with cats, good with kids, house trained, crate trained, good on a leash, good in the car, calm, quiet, polite when meeting new people, with no medical issues or behavioral problems, who can also hack it in the big GOT pack. So when Texas called and asked if there was room for Quinn, it was an easy "yes"! 
There's not much more to say about this fabulous girl. Everyone loves her and she loves them back- little Minga who went into heat before we could have her spayed and chose Quinn to be her girlfriend, big old Hopper who romps and stomps at her in an attempt to get her to play, several overly friendly cats who rub their tails in her face, and of course all the humans who have to stop and pet such a pretty girl and are rewarded with kisses for their troubles. Quinn has been bounced around enough- it's time for her to find a forever home and a family who will never abandon her again. Don't miss out on this super easy girl!