NAME: River
BREED: Shepherd/Pit Bull Mix


There is never a day when we don't get requests to help dogs. Not one, not two, but literally dozens of emails and messages. Every. Single. Day. We are the smallest rescue ever, so we have to say "no" over and over and over. It's never easy, but some cases are harder than others, and some stories and faces stick with us more than others. Such is the case with River, a sweet and loving girl in South Carolina. A volunteer reached out to us, desperate and dedicated to help River find a rescue or forever home before she has to spend yet another winter on the concrete floor of the shelter. This will be River's FIFTH winter in the pound: she has lived there since she was three years old, and as a mature lady of eight she is now even less adoptable. 

So why is River still in the shelter, after so many years? There are two reasons, one negative and one positive. This poor girl has a lot working against her- she's not young, she's a bully mix, she's dog-selective and dominant, she chases cats, and she has "degenerative joint disease in her back knees, luxating patellas, and a torn ACL that has reattached with scar tissue" (per the shelter vet's diagnosis). But let's think about it this way... after five years, this mess of a dog is still alive in a SC pound... and it's because she's an awesome dog. So here's the positive, which has kept her from euthanasia: River is a NICE dog, friendly and happy to meet new people. She loves to play any chance she gets, and although she doesn't love all dogs she is friendly enough to have a kennel mate. Most young dogs would deteriorate mentally after being cooped up for so long, but not River- her bright spirit has sustained her and kept her tolerant and manageable despite unfavorable living conditions. She's a fighter and a survivor, and she deserves some attention and some HELP!

We'd love to take River, but with so many dogs and cats here it's just not a good fit here. So we need YOU to help us! Please spread the word far and wide, with people and rescues who may have a spot to squeeze in just one more good dog. Transportation is available to anywhere River needs to go, and any medical expenses will be covered by very generous volunteers from the shelter. Personally we wouldn't do much more than good pain meds for those old legs, but if a vet recommends surgery that will be covered as well. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain by helping the helpless- please take a minute to help River! 

For more information please email GoodOldTails@gmail.com









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