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NAME: River
BREED: Lab Mix
WEIGHT: 50lbs


River was someone's dog. He loves people, he loves attention, he knows what a leash and a car and a food dish are all about. He had a life somewhere for many years, with someone who was nice to him. Then what happened? We'll never know, but we do know that River was not kept on heartworm prevention- the infestation almost killed him. We do know that he was not kept somewhere secure- River is completely blind, so he's not a dog that should ever be off-leash outside of a house or fenced yard, but he was found in a ditch by the road. He was dying, he could barely move, he's an old blind black dog... that's more than three strikes, and for many dogs it would have been the end. But River wasn't going to let anyone give up on him.
At the shelter, River couldn't have been a friendlier pup. He allowed the staff there to do whatever was needed to save his life, and once they started treatments he fought as hard as he could to stay alive. River beat the odds and made it out of the shelter, and now he's with us recovering from his heartworm treatments. 
In foster care, River has been nothing but a good boy. It seems that his previous life was spent outside- he's learning about house training, fluffy beds, and the television. He is happy to be around the other dogs and cats, and loves when he can have a good head scratch or a smooch. River will need to be kept calm, with no exercise or strenuous activity, for several months to make sure that the worms in his blood stream don't travel to places they don't belong. This won't be a problem- naps and cautious travels are the name of his game. This beautiful boy has been through quite enough, and he's ready for a place to retire in comfort and with love. Please consider spoiling River as he deserves, for as long as he has left to live.