NAME: Ruthie
BREED: Chihuahua/JRT Mix
WEIGHT: 13lbs


Ruthie is a great little dog who has been through a lot in life. She was found as a stray in Texas and sent to the shelter. Luckily she found a foster home there, but just when she was starting to feel safe she was transported to PA (it's much harder for senior dogs ((even ones as young as Ruthie)) to find homes in Texas). A long drive in a noisy van, new faces, and a big pack of dogs and cats were all just a little too overwhelming for Ruthie, and she shut down completely. She didn't want to be petted or held, and the only way she would go out to the yard was if she was on her special leash. We were worried that Ruthie would never get adopted, and would become another permanent resident of the GOT family.
But we shouldn't have worried! Ruthie just needed time, patience, and a little space to herself. One day when visitors were hanging out in the yard, Ruthie picked a lap to jump into and a face to kiss- she has been a sweet, cuddly, and friendly girl ever since! She loves to play and go for walks, and is especially happy when her foster mom comes home from work and pays special attention to her. She does a great job of keeping everyone entertained with her goofy personality, gentle kisses, and blanket burrowing. 
We have to assume that Ruthie will need the same time and space to decompress in her new home, so her forever family should have experience with fearful dogs. Also, although we suspect Ruthie would be fine with older kids, we will be looking for a home without small children. This fun and lovely little gal is worth every second of the adjustment time she needs, and once she knows she's home forever she is going to be the most wonderful companion for her new family. Please consider giving Ruthie the good life she's been waiting for!
Ruthie does live with many other animals, but she really likes to be in charge so she should go to a home without cats or other bossy dogs. She recently had some mammary tumors removed and biopsied, and some were found to be malignant. However, it's not an aggressive cancer and removal of the tumors is sufficient treatment for the vast majority of cases.









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