NAME: Scarlet
BREED: Poodle/St. Bernard Mix


Scarlet is a beautiful young St. Bernard/Poodle mix looking for a new home. Her current owner rescued her when she was 2 years old from an owner who “just had to buy a doodle dog puppy from a breeder” and then kept her crated for 2 years. Scarlet was living in a home undergoing emotional turmoil of divorce. Scarlet was matted, had never been groomed or vetted nor walked on a leash. A friend and Good Samaritan stepped forward to take her in his care and introduce her to his young Beagle Henry. He took the time and cost to vet her, getting her updated on all her vaccinations and spayed. He had her groomed and she now walks great on a leash. She knows basic commands, sleeps in bed with her current owner and his Beagle and spends less and less time in the crate while he’s at work. She’s house trained, crate trained (though not needed as much), gets along with kids, adults and with the resident young Beagle. Proper introduction would be necessary if you own a dog or a cat since Scarlet is selective with her reaction to both in previous interactions and experiences. Of course, she would be great in a home that doesn't have other pets as well.

Though Scarlet's 2nd owner has had her in his care about 5 months, he needs to give her a home that can devote more time to her. He took her in under an emergency situation from a very poor quality of life just surviving and transformed her into a healthy happy dog. Now he wants to rehome her to a place where she can thrive with owners that will continue her excellent quality of care.

If you have the time and financial means to give Scarlet the life she deserves with quality food, exercise, regular daily grooming and professional grooming every 6 weeks, then please go to the link below to apply. Once your application is received it will be reviewed. This is not a first come first served process. You will also be interviewed, required to give 3 references and a vet reference and a groomer reference if you have one. Should you qualify to be a possible match, you will be contacted for a home visit. Scarlet deserved to have all that done when she was bought by a breeder – but when it’s only financial gain for breeders, they don’t care what kind of home or care a puppy receives. Homes with electric fences or doggie doors will not be considered.

 We are “Team Scarlet” to be sure she finds proper care with owners who want to make her their world.