NAME: Shadow
BREED: Schnauzer Mix
WEIGHT: 20lbs


Shadow is one of five dogs left to fend for themselves when their owners went into a nursing home. One person stopped by two or three times a week for half an hour- other than that, this pack was on their own. That's a tough situation for a normal group of animals, but in this house things were even worse. None of the four boys were neutered, and none of them got along. They came to us with wounds old and new, on top of skin infections from horrible flea infestations. All five dogs have some degree of arthritis, and there's no sign that any of them were receiving treatment. This was a big undertaking for our little rescue, but leaving this little pack to fend for themselves was not an option. The day after we were notified of the situation, they were on their way to us.
Shadow's family has left one by one, each finding amazing homes with families who will love them forever. Shadow is the last one here and he's finally able to show us his true personality, which is pretty awesome! He's a fun and friendly little guy who gets excited and prancy when he wants to play. He loves attention and belly rubs, is good in the car, and takes treats very gently. We had his teeth cleaned and although he's got an old man limp, Shadow is generally healthy and is very much ready for adoption.
An ideal home for Shadow would be calm and cozy, without small children. He is good with other dogs, although he does like to be in charge so his canine friends should be confident and not easily offended. Cats are fine too, as long as they don't mind being chased! Shadow will need joint supplements for his arthritis and frequent breaks outside to remind him of his house manners. Mostly he just wants someone to give him pats and scratches, in a peaceful environment where he can really relax and let his sweet personality shine. Please help Shadow live his last years like a real pet!









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