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Tony Stark

NAME: Tony Stark
BIRTHDAY: Spring 2021


If the Marvel movies have taught us anything, it's that even a snarky, sassy, jerky fellow can be kind and good and helpful. Tony Stark was not the most loveable character to the other Avengers, but we saw him for what he was and loved him despite (or because of) his attitude. And that's the quick story of how Tony Stark the kitten got his name.
Tony Stark is one of seven kittens trapped in two locations in Hanover this summer. He is the toughest and least friendly of the Marvel litter (he and Natasha are looking for their forever homes with GOT, Thor is available through Sam's Beasties Rescue, and Wanda has been adopted). Tony Stark does not like to be held or petted. He runs from new people and doesn't let his foster mom handle him. However, we've seen some miracles worked with feral kittens and we know that there is a family out there who can either work with Tony Stark to help him get friendly, or give him a spot where he can just be a companion for another cat. He LOVES other cats so this would be the easier option, but we would be happy to see him getting love and scratches! There are plenty of more adoptable kittens out here, so it's easy to pass on a project like Tony Stark. But he's the kind of kitten who needs a real hero: could it be you?
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