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NAME: Ulysses
BREED: Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
WEIGHT: 14lbs


Ulysses was found wandering around Baltimore city and was taken to the shelter. He was clean and at a healthy weight, so we know he wasn't roaming long, but his owner did not come for him. Understandably terrified at the noisy shelter, Ulysses shut down and was not a good candidate for adoption (or another rescue apparently). Although 10 is pretty young for our pack, we brought this little guy into GOT to see how he'd do here.
Although he is still a little nervous, Ulysses is doing very well in a big group of dogs and cats. He especially likes the other small dogs but is happy to hang out with anyone who is calm and nice to him. We are making progress with house training and have not noticed any concerning behaviors like food aggression, resource guarding, or destructive tendencies. Ulysses is a mature fellow who understands his station in life and is happy to follow the rules. He's also a good guard dog and has saved his foster mom from several burglars who were disguised as the mailman. 
Ulysses will need continued training to build his confidence, but with a family who is familiar with his breed(s) he's going to be a great pup. He is small but sturdy, has a soft and silky coat, and runs very fast on his short legs. Please help Ulysses find a home where he can be safe and loved forever!