NAME: Woofers
BREED: Maltese/Poodle Mix
WEIGHT: 8lbs


Woofers really doesn't need to be here. We don't take in the super adoptable dogs- our spaces are open for the ones less likely to make it out of the shelter. But one of our rescue partners asked us if we could squeeze this little guy in, to make sure he got the best home possible (we really take pride in our amazing adopters), so the fabulous Woofers joined the pack of misfits and we added him to our list of fabulous pups.
What can you say about a guy like Woofers? It's all good stuff. Top of the list is the cuddling- this guy is a world class cuddler, and always knows just where to lay his little head to make you feel better and forget all your troubles. He loves to be held, and even manages to cuddle when he's being carried around. He came from his previous owners with a menagerie of belly bands and some staining of his fur where the band was placed, so we assumed he would be tough to house train. But since he spends all day on the couch and is happy to be carried outside to potty, he's been no trouble at all and the belly bands have remained in the bag. He's a quiet fellow who only cries when he's not getting the attention he feels he needs, and is good with other animals and new people. Aside from a heart murmur and one luxating patella (both common for his age and breed), he's in good health and just had a dental cleaning. 
We know Woofers isn't going to be here long, so hurry up and apply before you miss out on this sweet and easy boy!









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