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Pawfect Pictures: Tips for Taking
Instagram-Worthy Pictures of Your Dog

Even if you lack what it takes to become Instagram famous yourself, the same cannot always be
said for your dog. It turns out all dogs are perfectly adorable, you simply need to create the right
content and context to best show off that wagging tail on social media — here’s how to get
started in just a few inexpensive steps, presented by Good Old Tails.


Follow Pet Influencers

The best way to draw some inspiration on what the cutest pet poses are is by checking out the
pages of some of the most popular dog influencers on Instagram. This will give you a good idea
of which posts become most popular and may even open your eyes to content that you can

recreate with your own pup. Browsing through these posts will help you envision your own dog
in similar situations so that you can discern whether certain poses are achievable or not.


Ensure That Your Pup Is Well Trained

If your dog cannot follow simple voice commands like “sit” or “rollover”, trying to take Instagram-
worthy shots is going to be a challenge. If they are affordable, puppy training classes are a
fantastic way to allow both you and your dog to develop a strong dynamic. However, there are a
number of dependable dog training apps that can help you attain similar results. Once your furry
friend has learned basic obedience, setting up the perfect picture will be far easier.


Regularly Groom Your Dog

A fresh-faced and bushy-tailed pup will automatically take the quality of your photos to the next
level. While keeping your dog well-groomed keeps them neat and clean, it also has the added
benefit of preventing illness caused by ticks and other parasites. If professional services are not
within your budget, there are great accounts and channels on social media that provide useful
tips on grooming your dog at home.


Set Up the Shot

Truthfully, you don’t need professional equipment to create visually appealing, high-quality
photos of your dog. Most smartphones are jam-packed with features that can take your pictures
to the next level so, with a little exploration, you might discover some nifty camera settings. It’s
also important to be mindful of the composition of your photo. By including specific products or
brands in the background, you’ll be able to add tags and hashtags to your post that will boost its
popularity and keep those likes rolling in.


Edit Your Images

Dogs don’t need nearly as many filters as humans do, but some light editing of your images can
help brighten them up and improve the overall quality of your post. There are loads of free apps

and sites to take advantage of, and once you’re done cleaning up your pictures, remember to
optimally resize an image online before you click post.

Whether you’d like your dog to be the next Jiffpom, or simply want to share the wonderful
moments you’ve spent with your pet with your friends and family, you’ll need to go the extra mile
to truly capture their heartwarming personalities. A great compilation of photos is a wonderful
accompaniment to the pawprints your dog will undoubtedly leave on your heart, so be sure to
invest a little more time and effort into getting that perfect shot.

How You Can Manage Starting Your Company While Welcoming a New Pet


Bringing a new pet into your life can be a fun and exciting time for everyone involved. Your new pet is no doubt eager to make you happy, and you have a new, furry friend who is part of your life. The addition of this new family member is enough to keep anyone busy. If you are starting a business from your home, this can feel challenging at first. Rather than getting overwhelmed, here are a few tips from Good Old Tails Senior Animal Rescue to help make the transition smooth for both of you.


Designate a Start and End Time for Work


According to Psychology Today, creating a routine start and end time for work benefits you, your pet, and even your family in a variety of different ways. People can learn to respect your time when you are sitting down to work, knowing you have a busy day ahead of you. When you have signed off for the evening, it can help to know that you are leaving work behind and the rest of the evening is yours, freeing it up for family time and playtime with your furry addition!


You can make your pet more comfortable while you are working by keeping his or her bed close to where you are, or not engaging in play as much as you would when the day is over. It might take some time and adjustment, but keeping a schedule is comforting for many animals, and it can help them know what to expect.


Consider Outsourcing With Freelancers


Designating certain tasks for freelancers is one way to grow your company without having to learn about areas with which you aren't familiar. Allowing someone else, like a freelancer, to take over tasks you aren't used to doing can give you more time with your pet so he or she can adjust to the new home. This may be especially true if you’re unaccustomed to taking care of the books, a must-do task that can be time consuming. In this case, consider outsourcing your bookkeeping chores. 


One benefit of using freelancers is that you can post the task on a freelance job board, allowing you to connect with various candidates who have the experience you are looking for, along with reliability. From mobile developers to virtual assistants and website designers, you can usually find a variety of talent all in one location. You might be surprised at how affordable the rates are too, which can range from $15 to $30 depending on the project requirements.


If need be, you can find freelancers to help with your pets, too. Dog walkers from Wag provide one option for getting your pet outside, allowing you to finish work.


Never Miss Mealtimes


If your dog starts getting hungry while you are busy with work, consider using an automatic feeder. These are available for wet food and dry food, and you can set them to go off after a certain number of hours. If you anticipate a long day, you can set up the feeder to go off, allowing your pet to still have dinner at the normal time.


For water dishes, you can find automatic fountains that continually pump and filter water for your pet, ensuring he or she never goes thirsty. As Shed Happens notes, some arguments in favor of pet water fountains include fresh, cold water always at the ready, and the fact that the fountains encourage animals to drink more. There is also less work to handle if you find yourself unexpectedly busy.


Creating your own business and bringing home a new pet can be done at the same time. Knowing how to set everything up and proceed are the keys to a successful new beginning for both your company and your furry family member.

Good Old Tails Senior Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of senior dogs and cats, conducting adoptions in the Southern Pennsylvania/Northern Maryland area. Contact us today!

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