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NAME: Maxie
BREED: Shepherd/Chow Mix
WEIGHT: 50lbs


Maxie is a terribly sweet and friendly girl who loves meeting new people! She is great with other dogs and maybe a little too excited about cats (we are still learning that the cats do NOT like to be picked up, no matter how gently.) The shelter listed her as 8 years old but we suspect she may be older than that, and she does have some arthritis in her back legs. However, this does not stop her from enjoying time outside and having little adventures with her foster mom. Although she is mostly house trained, Maxie does like to pee on the towels that we use as pee pads for the little dogs, which is a bit frustrating but at least convenient to clean up. She has one wonky eye but gets around just fine, and looks even more adorable because of it. 


Maxie has been a relatively easy foster here, but she does get overwhelmed and overstimulated because of the big pack and general commotion of the house. She can definitely live with other dogs, but we're looking for a more "normal" home environment so she can really live her best life! Please give this old gal a chance.

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